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We’re RNC INDUSTRIAL SALES and we provide a wide range of all industrial safety equipment and special lubricants. Utilizing over 10 year's experience our expert team.

Allowing your workers to work up at height with our highest level of safety equipment and PPE, while work continues on ground level with your machinery running continuously with our 100% made in Germany special lubricants of Tunap.
We provide a large category of products for different industries and also the products to improve the performance and long lasting service of the equipment with protection from Wear, Tear and efficiency.

As the company grew, so we did our target market, Now we supply to various industries with our biggest clients coming from the: Cement, Mining, Engineering, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, and Commercial markets.

As we have a decade of experience in this field we builted a trusted with Brands and Customers. Valuing our Customers is in our DNA and make these trust for wider range of years.

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